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10 Day Cleanse

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Eat nothing but pieces of fruit in the morning and raw veggies (salads), pulses, nuts and legumes for the rest of the day. Small meals, six times a day. No meat, no dairy, no sugar, no grains, no coffee, no tea. Do it for ten days.

That’s the short of it. But the panic clouding your features at this moment at the thought of ‘no this’ and ‘no that’ from the above paragraph can soon be displaced with the knowledge of why this cleanse works as good as it does. That is if you can muster the courage to read on.

Embodied in the Principles of Longevity is the Science of Natural Hygiene, revolving around the following topics:

  • Understanding The Body’s Natural Digestive Cycles
  • Correct Consumption of Fruit
  • The Concept of High Water-Content Food
  • Correct Food Combining
  • Detoxification

The body’s natural digestive cycles consist of three eight-hour cycles every twenty-four hours:

  • Noon – 8pm Appropriation of food (eating and digestion)
  • 8pm – 4am Assimilation of food (absorption and use)
  • 4am – Noon Elimination (excretion of waste products)

The body prefers the Appropriation Cycle to happen on time, beginning at noon. Our body craves nourishment during Appropriation and lets us know if we are remiss in supplying the necessary fodder. The most important rule during Appropriation is to eat only when your body is hungry.

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Who Am I?

I don’t care if you are sick or healthy. I don’t plan for the future. I don’t think and I don’t judge. I don’t care if you are hurting or if you are happy. All I do is respond to survive. I make thousands of perfect survival responses every instant of your life. You may like the results of these responses and call it ‘health’. Or you may not like the results and call it ‘ill-health’. I don’t care whether you like the responses or not. Survival of this instant is my only goal. Not survival later today, or next week, or next year. Survival now. I was designed to survive. I wasn’t designed to be sick or well. I will be the accumulation of stresses that have been imposed upon me.

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