10 Day Cleanse

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Eat nothing but pieces of fruit in the morning and raw veggies (salads), pulses, nuts and legumes for the rest of the day. Small meals, six times a day. No meat, no dairy, no sugar, no grains, no coffee, no tea. Do it for ten days.

That’s the short of it. But the panic clouding your features at this moment at the thought of ‘no this’ and ‘no that’ from the above paragraph can soon be displaced with the knowledge of why this cleanse works as good as it does. That is if you can muster the courage to read on.

Embodied in the Principles of Longevity is the Science of Natural Hygiene, revolving around the following topics:

  • Understanding The Body’s Natural Digestive Cycles
  • Correct Consumption of Fruit
  • The Concept of High Water-Content Food
  • Correct Food Combining
  • Detoxification

The body’s natural digestive cycles consist of three eight-hour cycles every twenty-four hours:

  • Noon – 8pm Appropriation of food (eating and digestion)
  • 8pm – 4am Assimilation of food (absorption and use)
  • 4am – Noon Elimination (excretion of waste products)

The body prefers the Appropriation Cycle to happen on time, beginning at noon. Our body craves nourishment during Appropriation and lets us know if we are remiss in supplying the necessary fodder. The most important rule during Appropriation is to eat only when your body is hungry.

The Assimilation Cycle mostly occurs at night and ideally must leave on time. Assimilation at night makes sense as the body is resting and the digestive system can do its thing with little interruption. At night our body extracts nutrients in our intestines, which are ten times the length of our trunks, designed to keep high-water-content, high-fiber, unrefined plant dietary food in its clutches until all the nutrients are withdrawn. At night the body is putting all those nutrients to work, replenishing systems, replacing damaged cells and allowing the blood and lymph systems to pick up waste and take it to the garbage collection points in preparation for the truck the following morning.

At 4am, the Elimination Cycle cuts in and the garbage truck arrives to take out the junk. Your body has sorted through the food it has processed, and has rejected the food debris that cannot be absorbed and satisfactorily metabolized into constituent nutrients for further use. Elimination is simply the removal of waste matter from the body. The human body has very efficient systems to accomplish the shedding of waste, using the bowel and urine to excrete the junk the body no longer wants to be involved with. The body also rids itself of toxins by shunting them out via the underarm, glands at the backs of the knees, glands behind the ears, from the groin area, from the nose, mouth, ears and the skin.

Elimination is the most thwarted digestive cycle of the three – an abuse that has led to chronic obesity in our populations and catastrophic ill-health. The reason is because the Elimination Cycle is almost always sabotaged by us unwittingly eating big, badly combined breakfasts, preventing the body from executing its essential daily function of getting waste out of the body. Thus the junk stays put and gets filed in all the parts of our bodies where it can do the least harm. We look at our naked bodies in the mirror with horror: “Good grief, my bum DOES look big in this. I look like a beached whale.” Your body is naturally offended at the insult being aimed in its general direction, and caustically replies: “Then unplug me, Einstein, and let’s get rid of the whale…” Which brings us to fruit.

Fruit, eaten in small but regular amounts, is an ideal way to Detoxify the gunk on our systems during the morning Elimination Cycle. Ignore your fat grannies when they tell you not to eat too much fruit or the world will fall out of your tailpipe. Your fat grannies are telling you this because their fat mommas told them the same thing. A fat person is simply someone who has not allowed his or her body to detoxify. Yes, overweight and obesity generally arise as a result of what we have put into our bodies, but our continued overweight and unhealthy condition exists because we are not allowing our system to take out the garbage because we jam up our bodies further with our cultural peccadilloes, like the big breakfast.

Ideally fruit should always be consumed ALONE ON AN EMPTY STOMACH. Ideally too, the only thing you should consume from the time you arise to lunchtime should be fruit.

Then when you get to lunch, have lunch! But combine proteins with high water-content vegetables or salad, not with pasta, potatoes, or similar carbohydrates. There’s nothing wrong with carbohydrates in their proper complex, whole-food forms, just don’t combine them with proteins in the same meal. CUT WAY DOWN ON THE PROTEINS. Vegetables and salad should be enjoyed raw and unadulterated. Organic produce is best, uncontaminated with pesticides and other problems.

Three things will start to happen almost immediately you commence this regimen: firstly, the world will fall out of your tailpipe. This is your body finally beginning to send the garbage packing. It’s all a bit of a mess, but it’s leaving – and that’s the good news. Loose stools produced from this eating regimen are by no means unhealthy and should be encouraged with as much fruit (on an empty stomach in the morning) and high water-content raw veggies (later in the day) as you can manage. Secondly, you will begin to experience a satisfying return of energy and well-being. Thirdly, you will experience a rapid and steady weight-loss as you proceed with eating your food the way the body likes to process it.

Ten days of this and tell me you don’t feel leaner, tauter and more energetic than you’ve felt for years! And if you like the way you feel, why not continue the regimen?

The greatest tool in Natural Hygiene is to rearrange your diet to include an extremely high percentage of High Water-Content Food in addition to the water you drink. Most fruits and veg contain very high levels of water. A watermelon for example is 98% water.

Water is essential to life. On a cellular level, water is used by the body to transport nutrients to the organs and remove the waste products. Our blood comprises a very high percentage of water (blood serum), which the body naturally wishes to replace regularly. The difference between drinking water and fruit and vegetable water is in the nutrient content. Naturally a body fed on a diet comprising 80-85% unrefined plant dietary is a body being saturated in water-borne nutrition that is instantly and highly bio-available. A body well-watered in this way is a body whose three digestion cycles work with consummate ease. A well-watered body is a body which can clean itself on the inside with more precision than a laser.

Correct Food Combining. Excessive cooked meat consumption, coupled with bad food combining of processed, devitalized proteins and starches, can be hauled into the dock and charged with man’s mass murder. We’re the only creature on Earth that takes decomposing animal carcasses out of the freezer, cremates them in the kitchen, buries the corpses in our body and then must process the passing of the resultant putrefactive morass using medication (antacids). Other creatures do not cook, barbecue, fry or sauté their foods, neither do they miscombine them. As Harvey Diamond, author of Fit For Life, wryly remarks, “you almost never see a lion eating a zebra and having a baked potato with it”.

If fruit is eaten with, or even after other foods, problems will, more often than not, result. This is because the Fruit Express is trying to get through to its destination quickly, and its clear path is blocked by a Chicken Fried Rice Goods Train lumbering through the colon at walking speed. The resultant wincing collision causes the liquefied fruit juices to combine with China’s finest and this fruity morass in your stomach will begin to spoil. Proteins in the chicken putrefy and the rice carbohydrates ferment, resulting in the usual problems. Culturally we have come to view fruit as a dessert, which is nutritional heresy, in that fruit will always charge down the tunnel before hitting the back end of the Beef Risotto you chose to wolf down half an hour earlier. Once again, fruit should always be consumed on an empty stomach for happy smiles and carefree miles.

Due to over farming, too many of the minerals that should be in our fruits and vegetables are no longer there. (See: Senate Document No. 264, 1936. 74th Congress, 2nd Session.) Therefore the need for Nutritional Supplementation is necessary.

And of course, you’re going to need an Exercise Program, if you don’t have one already. We need to exercise to get oxygen into the system to encourage a dynamic circulation, elimination and mobility for your marvelous human machine. Exercising is something we all must do, because living things DO move, and the more they move, the more alive they feel!

In Northeastern Pakistan live an isolated people, the Hunzakuts. The men regularly play vigorous games like volleyball and polo. The young ones (16 to 50) would play against the elders (70+). As the Mir remarked: “The men of 100 felt no more fatigue than the men of 20.” The Hunza women were of the finest condition also. No birth problems were observed and those ladies of 80 looked the equivalent of 40, with fresh and remarkably unblemished complexions. Does that appeal to you? It does to me, so let’s be like the Hunzas.

This brief excerpt is mostly word for word from these books by Phillip Day: Health Wars, Food For Thought, and Cancer – Why We’re Still Dying To Know The Truth (Credence Publications). For more information go to www.credence.org.

Mandatory Disclaimer: The above information is for educational purposes only and must not be construed as medical advice. A qualified health practitioner should always be sought in the matter of any illness.

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