Current Events

bluemoonSomewhat off-topic to the main blog articles, these deal with current happenings in the world today. Some may or may not refer to future events. And as always, remember to put this kind of information through your “bible filter”.

PLEASE: Regardless of the actual “when’s” and “what’s” or “whatever’s”, I exhort you to always look to the Father and His Son for your sufficiency no matter what this world throws at you.

Not in any particular order.


End of Days – A 119 Ministries video series about end times.
Daniel’s Timeline – Video makes a strong case for specific “end times” dates.
The Imposter – Another end times video, this one is from Followers of Yah.
Georgia Guidestones – “Apocalyptic” plans of the NWO.
2012 Something Is Going On! – Happenings around the world. (vids)
What in the World Are They Spraying?Contrails? I don’t think so. (vid)
The Economy Is Going To Implode – Not much bible reference, but still good info.
Lindsey Williams 9/19/2012 – Talks about the Elite and some of their plans. (vids)




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