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The Lord’s Day

My awesome grandmother wrote a book in the form of scriptures-pieced-together-to-tell-a-story.

From the Prologue:

The Lord's DayThe great, awesome Day of the Lord is written in the scriptures, from the prophets of old to Revelation. It is sometimes referred to as “that day”.

The cover of this booklet is a photo of a 24” x 30” painting in oil on canvas, meant to represent the glory and wonders of the Lord’s Day. The earth is light and the sun is darkened, the moon is red and the background is called “stardust” because the stars will no longer give light.

It is hoped that we can keep our eye and hearts on the beautiful wonders of the Day of the Lord after all the “bad” things have happened. The wars and tribulations and persecution only make us know that Day is coming.

The following pages quote the scriptures from the King James. It is suggested the reader compare other translations to get a more complete picture of the Lord’s Day. The account of the Lord’s Day is written in the scriptures other than the ones quoted here; but I hope this is an overall view of this wondrous event.

Read on and be filled with wonder and joy!

You can download a 35 page PDF version of The Lord’s Day for free by Read More→