Daniel’s Timeline

byHugh onDecember 26, 2012

This video makes a strong case for specific dates of the “end times”.


2012 Something Is Going On!

byHugh onDecember 26, 2012

Events from around the world.


( removed from YouTube )


More events. The 9:35 mark was interesting.


OT: Big Fur Child

byHugh onDecember 26, 2012


My dad has one of those:

Cat, aka Fur Child

Book: Disciple

byHugh onDecember 26, 2012

From the book I’m currently reading – Disciple, by R.C. Sandifer:

Search out the truth … do not allow yourself to be fooled by the traditions of men.

Search out the origin of the holidays (Jer.10) vs. the Feasts of Yahveh (Lev.23). Search out the “easy grace” which makes you comfortable in your sin. Search out all the commandments as well as the 4th commandment.

Why does the church of today want a place that makes people feel good with lots of activities? Question your walk … it is a lot more narrow than what you have been told. Compare your walk with those who willingly gave their lives for Truth!

I pray those reading this will consider their own searches – you may be surprised at what you find.

The Lord’s Day

byHugh onDecember 21, 2012

My awesome grandmother wrote a book in the form of scriptures-pieced-together-to-tell-a-story.

From the Prologue:

The Lord's DayThe great, awesome Day of the Lord is written in the scriptures, from the prophets of old to Revelation. It is sometimes referred to as “that day”.

The cover of this booklet is a photo of a 24” x 30” painting in oil on canvas, meant to represent the glory and wonders of the Lord’s Day. The earth is light and the sun is darkened, the moon is red and the background is called “stardust” because the stars will no longer give light.

It is hoped that we can keep our eye and hearts on the beautiful wonders of the Day of the Lord after all the “bad” things have happened. The wars and tribulations and persecution only make us know that Day is coming.

The following pages quote the scriptures from the King James. It is suggested the reader compare other translations to get a more complete picture of the Lord’s Day. The account of the Lord’s Day is written in the scriptures other than the ones quoted here; but I hope this is an overall view of this wondrous event.

Read on and be filled with wonder and joy!

You can download a 35 page PDF version of The Lord’s Day for free by (more…)

First Time Ever

byHugh onDecember 15, 2012


Today, at the very young age of 40 years, I have completed what I would argue as being my greatest accomplishment: my first pass straight through the entire scriptures (NIV version of the bible). Until sometime late last year, it finally occurred to me that I’d never actually done that before.

That, of course, is not the end of it – I have not “arrived”. In addition to continued study, my next pass will be the reading of The Scriptures version of the bible.

Much has been learned, much is still to be learned.


Bible Quiz: How Long Was Noah On the Ark?

byHugh onDecember 13, 2012

In somewhat the same vain as the first Bible Quiz question, this one also deals with Noah.

How long was Noah on the ark?

Most people I’ve ever asked this question to quickly say that it was (more…)