Current Beliefs

This list of items is my current doctrinal beliefs. The standard by which I base my views follow the motto of our Mashiach, “It is written!” One of the challenges when studying is to get back to the original words of the Creator, but “If you stay in My Word, you are truly My taught ones, and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” Sign me up for some of that!

The Torah

Most people, including the vast of Churchianity, are not following the Creator’s instructions and guidelines for righteous living. It’s only been the last couple of years or so since I’ve realized this myself and have learned much, but I also feel as though I’ve only scratched the surface. The majority of the content of this site will be devoted to sharing what is learned along the way. Hope you come along for the ride.


Who are these “God” and “Jesus” individuals that people keep refering to? The Palaeo Hebrew of hwhy and ucwhy read Yahuah (yah-HOO-ah) and Yahushuah (yah-HOO-shoo-ah). Click here for more on Ha Shem.


The word “trinity” is not found in Scripture. That should be all that is needed to say on the matter, but alas, here is my view of it anyway.


Yahuah is in control of very little. There are a lot of people sitting around waiting to be used like a fork, but when nothing happens, guess who they blame? When you look around you at all the evil and suffering in the world today, how can you possibly point the finger at a being who IS love? More…

The State of the Dead

The dead are actually dead! There is no immortality of the soul. There is no life outside of Yahushua. Most people are promulgating the oldest lie there is, “You shall not surely die”, spoken by the knucklehead serpent in the first Paradise (Eden). More…


Do you know what the origins of Christmas, Easter, Valentines and many others are? Jeremiah chapter 10 gives a pretty clear account of what Yahuah’s attitude is towards them. I say we put on that same attitude for ourselves and let our actions follow. More…

This list is not complete, and may never be. More on the way.