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What Are They Spraying?

Another one for the Current Events page.

What in the World Are They Spraying?


End of Days

Here is a video series on end times from 119 Ministries. This disclaimer comes from their website.

The “End of Days Series” Disclaimer

The “End of Days Series” is intended for mature believers in the faith only.  The material presented in the series is an attempt to discern the times using current events coupled with the revelations of the prophets of the Bible.  By NO means is any teaching to be interpreted as an absolute solid understanding of end times events.  You are required to test all information and draw your own conclusions.  The studies are only intended to ignite discussion and further testing and research.  Information contained in these studies could be speculative and only entertaining data supported possibilities. It must be realized that 119 Ministries could at any time change or delete any information presented in these studies because of new information or scriptural insight.  This is a real possibility and thus keep your faith in Yahwah and His presentation of end times events and timing, not men’s.

By viewing these videos you are indicating you understand all of this. Read More→

Lindsey Williams on the Elite

Couple of vids by Lindsey Williams

Lindsey Williams – Deep Earth Bunker Radio – September 2012

( removed from YouTube )

Lindsey Williams – Deep Earth Bunker Radio – September 2012 (2)

( removed from YouTube )

Economy Is Going To Implode

Just more information to have in your “big picture” bag. (8 parts)


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Daniel’s Timeline

This video makes a strong case for specific dates of the “end times”.


2012 Something Is Going On!

Events from around the world.


( removed from YouTube )


More events. The 9:35 mark was interesting.


OT: Big Fur Child


My dad has one of those:

Cat, aka Fur Child